USF Student Survey Results About the H1N1 Vaccine

My PR Research class conducted a survey on USF college students to learn about their thoughts on the H1N1 flu and the vaccine. More specifically, we conducted the survey to see how the use of short videos about the benefits of getting the vaccine increased the likelihood of students to get the shot.

The results of the survey can be viewed here: H1N1 Vaccine Survey and the video that went along with my group’s portion of the survey can be viewed on here on YouTube.


PR Practitioner Social Media Interview

Social media has expanded the reaches of many public relations firms and companies. The target audiences, campaigns and even the future are just a few of the areas that PR experts have seen already being affected by social media. The project that follows includes interviews with three public relations practitioners in the Tampa Bay area and their thoughts on social media and its effects on PR. Social Media has and will continue to change our world.

Social Media Interview Project

myTouch Media Monitoring

T-Mobile just introduced their newest Google phone, the myTouch, on August 5. The new phone has been met with positive reviews and a plethora of resources for potential phone buyers or people who already have the phone and are looking for more in-depth information. You can see the report here at My Touch Research Report and view the data table here at MyTouch Data Table.