Home Update!

So it’s been a few weeks since I last updated and the house has come a LONG way! Btw, we close in TWO WEEKS! Say, what!? So here are some pictures of the house though they’re not up-to-date with where the house is right now; those will come in a few days.

Yay, new house!


2013-08-30 18.39.32


We’re going to become VERY close with our neighbors if our houses are any indication…

2013-08-30 18.41.29

2013-08-30 18.41.25


Cabinets in boxes…

2013-08-30 18.40.13

Cabinets in the kitchen!

2013-09-04 17.56.39

2013-09-04 17.57.56

Foyer and Master Bath:

2013-09-04 17.56.55

2013-09-04 18.00.36

So there’s my home update. I think you’ll be surprised once I post the newest pictures this weekend. 🙂


An Ulch House in Progress

My fiance and I put a contract in on a house being built in a new development. As first-time home buyers you can imagine how crazy this process can be. However, it’s also very exciting.


Here’s where our house currently stands…sorry for the crappy photo quality.


2013-08-16 17.38.01

Dave being silly and “washing his hands in the sink.”


2013-08-16 17.42.35

This is one of our spare bedrooms looking out onto the second floor “media center.”


2013-08-16 17.41.20

Spare bedroom in the above picture.


2013-08-16 17.40.28

View from the mater bedroom. Oh yeah! That’s a lake…just in case you didn’t get that. And that’s all that will EVER be behind us. Score!


2013-08-16 17.40.21

The master bathroom. Not too large, but it’ll do.


2013-08-16 17.40.03

Where the “magic” happens. Sorry, is that inappropriate? The magic I’m referring to is sleep!


2013-08-16 17.39.13

Our garage, which will eventually be more of a body shop/carpentry space for Dave and I.


2013-08-16 17.39.08

Stairs! Eee!


2013-08-16 17.38.18

View of the living room area and kitchen. I’m standing in our breakfast nook.


2013-08-16 17.37.52

Site of our future outrageously awesome kitchen.


2013-08-16 17.38.07


Lake view…say, what!?

So that’s our house. 😀 We should hopefully be moved in by late September/early October but with the summer rains in Florida you just never know. Ugh. We’re keeping out fingers crossed that everything stays on schedule and we can move into our first home soon.

Do you have any wisdom to impart to us first-time home buyers and new construction home buyers?